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Setting a new standard, the surgery department of Majestic Hospitals is compatible to the most advanced anywhere in the country. The Department is well-equipped with latest equipment and instruments to perform a wide variety of surgeries. All type of surgeries are performed with modern techniques, pioneered and mastered by the surgeons at the hospital, with patients being referred even from as far away as Middle East.

The Surgery department consists of a spacious pre-operative room, operation theatres, recovery rooms, a central monitoring station, a medical store and an auto clave room. They function as one cohesive, self-sufficient unit infusing renewed vigor into the life.

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We perform these surgeries

Esophageal, Gastric, Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic, Colorectal, Perianal

Renal, Prostatic, Urethra, Urinary bladder, Circumcision

Thyroid, Breast, Hernia, Peripheral swellings, Diabetic foot, Amputations

Highly experienced Surgeons of Majestic Hospital conduct Laparoscopic Surgeries with modern state of the art instruments.


Unmatched commitment to patient care

Every theatre is equipped to conduct the most complicated and delicate procedures with most sophisticated equipments. Theatres are maintained with strict precautions and sterile conditions with continuous filtered air flow along with Respiratory Gas Monitor, H P Monitors and ventilators complete with the anesthesia workstation.

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