Ophthalmology Department Information

The Ophthalmology department of Majestic Hospitals is one of the best equipped Institution for Ophthalmology in the country, equipped as it is, for computerized scanning of the eye for any hemorrhage or other ocular lesions, as also a Yag Laser, Slit Lamps, Posterior System VI, etc.

The Expert doctors in the Department carried out several complicated operations.

The hospital also offers Computerised Eye testing, Modern Contract Surgery with IOL, Gloucoma Service, DCR( Surgery For watering of Eyes), Microsurgery Suter less Surgery, Phaco Section with Foldable Intraocular, Lens Implantation, Trabaculectomy ( Antiglaucoma Surgery), Ophthalmic Laser and Scanning, Diabetic Screening, Contract Lens Service and General Ophthalmic Service

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Dr. Syeda Parveen Kulsoom

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